Welcome Ricky

We have a new member of our family – a yellow labrador retriever named Ricky and he’s soooo cute. I  love him at 2:30 in the morning when it’s just the two of us in the moonlight. I love him even though he cries his little puppy heart out for 30 minutes when I put him to bed. I’m already so smitten with him I can’t imagine our home without this little blonde fur ball underfoot. He’s all puppy: chewing and accidents wrapped up in sweetness and kisses. He’s got a lot to learn but he’ll get there. We’re looking forward to a long journey with this one.

It wasn’t an immediate decision. In fact it was nearly two years in the making after a heartbreaking decision with our prior dog. But life has a funny way of gently nudging you in the right direction except in my case those nudges weren’t so gentle; they were loud and clear from our younger son. He desperately wanted a dog and continued to ask for one. I was holding out. My confidence was still shaken from the past dog experience but I began to recognize that wound would always be tender and no amount of time would ever make it disappear completely. It was time to let go, forgive myself and start anew.

We decided as a family that we would go through a breeder and get a puppy. When we honed in on a yellow lab I knew it wouldn’t be long and a month later on Saturday, October 24th we brought Ricky into our home and forever changed our family for the better.

Ricky-ridehome Ricky_between_feet HubbywithRicky cooking_dinner