Goodbye Ricky

The playful teeth marks on my hands are scored

Puppy toys and treats still litter the floor.

Ricky filled our home with licked faces and love

Too soon at 10 weeks to join heaven above.

Yesterday morning he awoke from his slumber

While bacteria his system pillaged and plundered.

Not lifting his sweet little head to thirst

In my heart I started fearing the worst.

The vet admitted him and in his care Ricky stayed

His vitals weren’t good we were all afraid.

We transferred him to the hospital where he spent the night

Our brave little puppy gave it a fight.

Early morning ring of the phone cut through the air

And the vet delivered the news sad and unfair.

Tears stain my face my heart utterly broken

From this nightmarish ride I wish to be woken.

It’s impossible to believe he’s been called up above.

But grateful for the short time he graced our hearts with his love.