The Making of a Christmas Card

Season’s Greetings from our home to yours. It’s time to write the Christmas cards. No pressure of course, but everyone else’s cards are so gorgeous you’ll see them on the display page of Snapfish and Shutterfly next year. The lighting is perfect and the card layout is ideal for their pose. These beautiful cards arrive promptly on the first of December and I stare at them in awe. I’d rush mine out too if they looked like this. I take a deep breath, not all of the cards will look like this. It’s early yet and as time eclipses the needle should move from June Cleaver to Rosanne Barr. But it doesn’t. Each is as lovely as the next.

We’ve been sending Christmas cards since 1998. Here is our first as a newly engaged couple. Back then it was simple. You chose your photo, the orientation (horizontal or vertical), and a greeting from a limited selection of five. Like our selection of the cardinal? All were printed on 4 x 8 photo paper in increments of 20. It wasn’t until the 2000’s when you could add a little printed message with your name. Wow!


Here is my favorite Christmas card. Props to my mother-in-law with her photographic prowess. With her camera always on the ready, she is able to snap some real winners.


This card in 2010 one is more typical for us. I’ve got a hat on, not because it’s cold, but because I hadn’t showered in two days. We couldn’t get the dog to turn around and yes, our youngest is holding a stethoscope for no good reason other than it made him happy.


By far the best Christmas card of all time came from my husband’s family circa mid 80’s. Everyone who received that card undoubtedly still has it squirreled away as a reminder of the behind the scenes magic that goes into the making of a Christmas card. You can’t help but love this card. It rings up solidarity and endears us more to the sender than any perfect card could.


Wishing you JOY this season from our home to yours.