O Christmas Tree

I love decorating the Christmas tree each year and basking in the warm glow when it’s finished. It draws us to a room we so seldom use and invites us to sit for a moment and reflect.

Selecting the tree is pretty straight forward. We look for something around six feet tall that’s not too broad. The process is so matter of fact that the boys didn’t even want to come with us this time. So my husband and I snuck off for a ten minute tree selecting date at the nursery up the street. We got it into the stand with only a slight leeward list: it would hold. I thought for sure the kids would start peppering me with questions and opinions about lights, tree toppers and trimmings but they were no where to be found. They saw the tree and moved on to something with less commitment like shooting hoops or riding their bikes and I was left to my own devices.

I put on the Kenny Rogers Christmas album, a tradition since I was a little girl, and set to work. Unfettered, my choices included white lights, a star tree topper and a selection of my favorite ornaments. It was easy but unceremonious and I missed the chaos of opinions and the bumping of elbows.

That’s when my six year old nephew wandered in and asked to set up the train. I was grateful for the company and stepping over him each time to hang an ornament reminded me that Christmas is for kids. He worked diligently laying out the tracks and aligning the wheels. “I’m so glad you came to set up the train,” I told him. “Well you know Aunt Amanda,” he says in the mature voice of a first born, “setting up the train is my favorite part of Christmas.”  Decorating the Christmas tree is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. My nephew and I shared our favorite tasks of Christmas together and basked in the warm glow when we were finished.IMG_5313