Shark Tank


Shark TankThe sharks are swimming at our house just looking for a fledgling company to gobble up. Our kids love the hit show “Shark Tank” on ABC and it’s one of the few shows we can all watch and enjoy. We listen to the business pitch and then talk over each other tearing it apart or defending it. Inevitably we have to pause and rewind because in our feeding frenzy we’ve missed half of the pitch.

The kids are intrigued by the cast members; amazed that Kevin O’Leary is actively referred to as “Mr. Wonderful”. They remind us of his moniker each episode. “Mom, they call that guy Mr. Wonderful!”. They also always mention Lori Greiner at some point. Their unidentified crush bubbling up as a comment usually in defense of her offer.

Watching “Shark Tank” inspires the kids to play “Shark Tank”. They’ll spend an hour lobbing business ideas at each other in exchange for fictional currency and ownership. They’ll ask the tough questions and haggle over share. It always results in a deal.

“This is a lacrosse stick made for kids. It uses a ball that is much softer than a regular lacrosse ball. (demonstrates bouncing ball off top of head). I’m looking for six thousand dollars for thirty percent share in the business.”

“What would you do with the six thousand dollars?”

“I would give three thousand to charity and use three thousand for my business.”

“How would you use the three thousand in your business?”

“I would spend it on my company.”


“Okay, now it’s your turn.”

“My company is called “Stick Stack”. It’s a brick that is sticky so you don’t have to use that white stuff in-between them when you build. I’m asking for fifty thousand dollars for five percent ownership.”

It’s a riot to listen to them say things like “what are your sales projections?” and “who’s your target market?”. They’ve got the business vernacular but some of their deals are a little shaky always tilted in favor of our oldest shark.

“I’ll give you fifty thousand but I want one hundred percent ownership.”


When I get my fledging writing career off the ground I won’t have to look beyond my home for an agent. I’ll be bringing these sharks with me. Deal!