My 2016 Word of the Year is: Participation

This post was inspired by a fellow blogger, Samantha McGarry, who wrote,“My 2016 Word of the Year is: Listen”. It immediately caught my attention. I had never considered adopting a word of the year. Sesame Street has a Number of the Day, NPR has a Week in the News and Marie Claire has a Monthly Horoscope; why not have a Word of the Year to start off 2016.

It’s tradition to make a New Year’s Resolution, but what starts out strong in January usually fades away by February leaving behind a residue of guilt. It’s deflating when you don’t hit the weight loss goal or visit the gym three times a week as promised to your ambitious self and a zillion friends on Facebook. In contrast, a word of the year is a gentle nudge towards a new tone; an abridged version of a mission statement.

My 2016 word of the year is participation. I want to lean in, say yes and show up. It makes me immeasurably happy when I invite people over or ask for help and people say yes. In the words of a good friend, ‘When I get an invite I always try to say yes.’. In the words of my late father-in-law, ‘The answer is always yes.’. It may be easier on my schedule to say no but I’d be missing out. So this year I say yes. I’ll be making my best effort to participate. Hope to see you there.