The Premeditated Pour

“Uncorking a bottle of wine is premeditated and deliberate,” I told my friend over lunch. She had asked me in a previous conversation how often I had a glass of wine with dinner and I replied, “sadly more than a couple of times a week.” “Why do you feel badly about that? You should enjoy a glass and not feel guilty. Look at the Europeans. People all over the world have something every night without feeling a stigma attached to it.” “You’re right! Why should I feel badly? I’m making a conscious choice that is not habitual. I’m not going to feel badly about that.”

Here is the photo I texted her that evening captioned, “Not feeling guilty!”.



Thanks to our conversation, I didn’t feel guilty. I don’t drink a glass every night. Truthfully my culinary menus don’t pair well with wine: chicken pot pie, tacos, leftovers. But occasionally my menu takes a sophisticated turn upward and a glass of wine would be lovely. Coincidently it’s during these meals that a glass of wine is helpful in handling the discord that arises from such non-kid friendly fare. “What kind of meat is this? What’s in this sauce?” they ask me as they push my hard work around their plates. They settle on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich after much complaining and arguing. Awesome. So much for having a harmonious sit down family dinner.

So here’s the deal, on nights I choose, I make a premeditated pour. It’s not habitual or subconscious. It’s deliberate, guilt free and enjoyable. Cheers!