She’s Gone Fruit Loops

fruitloopsOur language may be based in Latin but our vernacular is steeped in food. For example, when I say, ‘she’s gone fruit loops’, you know that woman is crazy. In my post lunch reverie I quickly came up with a handful of expressions, metaphors and similes to prove my point. As a little food for thought, what can you add?

He’s bananas.

Something’s fishy.

This project is small potatoes.

How do you like them apples?

It’s a cake walk. Easy as pie.

That’s like comparing oranges and apples.

My Intro to Economics class is full of meatheads.

Everything is peachy keen.

He’s an egghead unlike his brother who’s a meathead.

I’m in a real pickle.

My Mom is the breadwinner in the family.

My Dad brings home the bacon.

She’s a string bean.

and lastly… I relish these terms of endearment: sweetie, sugar, honey