Hurry Up and Wait

Hurry up and wait. How many times have I rushed to do something only to wait in boredom, incurring all that unnecessary stress when I should have slowed down.  My mind is constantly multitasking, stacking and rearranging my daily schedule to achieve maximum efficiency and missing the impromptu conversations in the process. “Hey, what were you telling me earlier while I was fixing dinner, folding laundry and calling the dentist?” I’ll ask. “I already told you Mom,” they’ll answer. A missed dialogue that will never resurface. It’s hard to be present in the moment when there are other activities on the horizon.

Life has a way of pacing itself in fits and starts; a continuum of time in a tug of war between frenzy and boredom. Time can stretch out endlessly like the slow pull of Silly Putty or snap off suddenly like a frozen Charleston Chew. It rarely unfurls at just the right clip. I’m either frantically hurried or idling wishing to fill a block of time with something meaningful.

I found the right balance of time during yesterday’s yoga class: a gift. For an hour I surrendered my anxieties about the future and lived in the moment. Ebbing and flowing through each posture. Our yoga instructor kept us centered by reminding us to breathe. “Use your breath, relax into the pose, stay here for a while.” She closed with zen inspired advise, “Don’t rush to get into your pose. Enjoy the journey getting there.”

The continuum of time is the journey and the best memories are found in its peaks and valleys; in its heated split seconds and its troughs of eternities. The finish line is a snap shot for your photograph album but the journey is your life’s story. So I remind myself not to hurry up and wait. There’s no reason to be the lone person at the finish line when I can savor the journey getting there.