Sunday Family Dinners

Are Sunday family dinners extinct? I don’t know anyone that has weekly after church rendezvous with their extended family and yet just a generation ago they were the norm. My Dad reminisces about family dinners on Sunday. He talks about time with his cousins and grandparents with a nostalgia that makes me pine to be a child of his generation, when families lived in the same town and sometimes on the same street. Our generation is different. We have family sprinkled in all corners of the country which means that mid-afternoon dinners are reserved for holidays. We could delve into all the reasons why Sunday dinners have faded away, but suffice it to say the roast beef and potatoes have given way to a new Sunday fare; in our case it’s brisket and pulled pork.

Why brisket and pulled pork? Because we are part owners of a commercial grade, use for a corporate event, size smoker. Why do we own a commercial grade smoker? Great question! It’s been a steady conversation among three friends for a few years. Two of the guys have been perfecting their meat smoking skills while my husband has been kegging home-brew. The dream is to hang out with friends and sell authentic barbecue in our New England town. Their quest to get it perfect has resulted in over a year of monthly Sunday dinners for our families. It’s a new twist on an old take. It’s not roast beef and extended family but it’s just as close. These friends are our family. The guys have known each other since kindergarten (see photos) and so have our children.

While I hope they will launch their business, the investment in the smoker has already paid valuable dividends. Through this venture we have resurrected the Sunday family dinner, serving up memories to last a lifetime.


SMSH Kinder

My husband: 3rd in 1st row of kids. Friend: 5th in bottom row.

Tigers Baseball

My husband and friend are the two in the top row far right.

Business Meeting

Highly stressful business meeting.