A Whiff of Middle School Manhood

oldspiceYesterday was the 5th grade puberty talk at school. A permission slip had come home a few weeks earlier with a link to the video they would be watching. Naturally, I watched it wondering if it would be “School House Rock” style or slightly more modern. It was current and sponsored by Proctor and Gamble; no surprise here, makers of deodorant and tampons.

I was curious just how deep the information would go but the video was actually pretty good: basic puberty 101. It left out sex and covered more than just hygiene.

“How was school today?” I asked trying to sound so casual but dying for him to spill the beans. “Pretty good. We watched the puberty video,” he responded into the refrigerator equally as casual. “Oh yeah?” “Yeah, it was pretty good.” “Do you have any questions?” “No, not really.” “Okay.” He closes the refrigerator door. “Oh yeah, and we got this. Last year they got deodorant but this year we got body wash. I’m going outside to shoot hoops now.”

I immediately pop the top and catch a whiff of middle school manhood. It wasn’t bad, not too boudoir. If you’re of my generation it was all Ralph Lauren Polo and Drakkar Noir. Everyone guy wore it. I’m not sure what they wear now but I’m sure they will be some Axe Body Spray in our future.

Despite the puberty/hygiene video, we let our son get away with skipping a shower last night. “At least wash your face,” we advised. He immediately reached for the Old Spice Body Wash. He squirted some in his hands and put it on like aftershave, surprised that it didn’t absorb. “Um, you might try that with some water.” “Oh, what is body wash anyway?” “It’s liquid soap. It’s like hand soap for your body.” “Oh.” He was still a little confused but at least he rinsed his face.

Later that night, when I kissed him goodnight, I got a tiny little whiff of coming attractions. It was like going back to the future. Back to the heightened senses and smells of middle school one whiff at a time.