Legos Everywhere

My kids love Legos. I remember the first kit my oldest son received. It came from Aunt Shirley and was a pirate ship. I wondered if our son was old enough to handle the step by step instructions or if I’d be the one building the ship. I think he was four or five at the time and he sat there enthralled working through each step marching towards the finished product. I was thrilled with the affirmation that we could safely enter into Lego territory. Move over Matchbox cars and toy figurines, we’ve got cities to build.

We slowly started to amass our collection through birthdays and holidays. With all these blocks and custom kits I wondered how we would store them all. Would we organize by color, by kit, by licensing type (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter)?

I was also curious to see how my kids would play with the Legos. Would they build them and leave them or would they deconstruct them and build them into another creation? Our older son is organized and meticulous with his things, so I anticipated that he would leave them built. But I was wrong. The boys built and destroyed and rebuilt all sorts of creations. They staged battles or competed to see who could make the most interesting car. Occasionally I would come across rogue soldiers in the field hidden behind sofa cushions or in the plants ready for battle.

Lego Battleship

I loved stumbling upon these miniature scenes and would wonder if they had been left on purpose or had been long forgotten. We have an enormous storage tower filled with Legos that the kids wheel into the dining room and pour onto the table. Sometimes we have a dining room but most of the time we have Legoland.