An Individual on a Team

It’s baseball season again and the kids have traded their snow boots for cleats. They still play basketball in the driveway, but now I hear the smack of the ball against their gloves or the roof of our house.

Baseball isn’t for everyone. It can be incredibly exciting and excruciatingly slow. Slow enough for the fans to take full measure of each player. It takes grit to be a ball player and endure that level of scrutiny.

At the Base

Baseball is an individual sport masquerading as a team sport. Yes, you win and lose as a team, but on any given play you stand alone. You stand alone at the plate as you stare down each pitch. You stand alone in the outfield as a pop fly comes sailing your way. You stand alone on the base waiting for the signal to steal. You stand alone for each play; you are either going to make it or miss it.

Baseball is also a team sport. It’s the team that experiences the highs and lows of the game. It’s the team that celebrates the wins and commiserates the losses. It’s the team that cheers you on as you round the bases and the team that greets you at home plate after a home run. It’s the same team that welcomes you back to the bench after a strikeout.

As baseball season gets underway I’ll be watching each individual but also rooting for the team.