Put Some Windex

Got an ailment, need to do a household repair? Put some Windex. My Dad and I have been prescribing this remedy since the day we saw the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Put some Windex has become our one-liner, inside joke that never gets old.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a family favorite in our household. A romantic, love conquers all movie with strong family values, loaded with a cast of endearing characters. What’s not to like? It’s been years since we’d seen the movie, but with the recent release of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, we’ve revisited the original classic and this time our kids were invited to the wedding.

It’s fun to have them at an age where they can watch a few of these movies and get most of the jokes. Sure, there are some uncomfortable love scenes that offer more than they need to know, but watching the kids uncomfortably endure those awkward moments is all part of the fun and surly a rite of passage we’ve all traveled.

Now that they’ve seen the movie (more than once), the one-liners that my Dad and I share from the movie are being used by the kids. They repeat them to us and to their friends using them at all the right moments. If you’ve seen the movie you know there is no shortage of quotes to choose from.

“What, you don’t eat no meat! It’s okay, I make you lamb!” Oompa!!

“Give me a word, any word, and I show you that the root of that word is Greek.” Oompa!!

“What is it? It’s a bundt cake. A what? A BUNDT cake. This cake has a hole in it.” Oompa!!

“They are like dry toast. No honey, no marmalade, no jam. Just dry toast.” Oompa!!

“I had a zit too. What happened? I put some Windex!” Oompa!!

Over and over, the kids recite the lines and we still laugh like it’s the first time we’ve heard them. It’s like watching the movie everyday. This summer will be remembered by the year we all watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding and used a lot of Windex. Good thing we have another quote in our household, “It never gets old”. And even if it did, we could fix it. Just put some Windex.