Another Adams in the White House

“Do you want to know why I’m so unhappy?” our eleven-year-old son asks us. “What! Why are you so unhappy?” we inquire. “I’ve been waiting my whole life for Barack Obama to leave the presidency and my best two options are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I think I’m going to vote for Marco Rubio.”

That was November 2015, almost a year ago. We were in the middle of dinner talking about something as steady as the New England Patriots when he interrupted us with his political declaration of discontent. He knew, just like the rest of us, that it would be a Hillary – Trump face off. The conventions were merely something to watch during the summer heatwave. “Rubio huh? What do you know about that guy?” my husband asks our pre-teen political adviser. “I know he’s not Ted Cruz.” Bam! When had he started paying attention? Does he know he’s not old enough to vote? He might take that news badly.

That conversation was back in 2015 and, fair to say, none of us were paying attention. Election day was a year away and like any endurance test, best not to go out of the blocks too strong. But he was already running on the campaign track, gleaning information from conversations, radio opinions, newspaper headlines. Building a stockpile ready to use on the unsuspecting – us. He is our family’s version of Alex P. Keaton.

With Election Day less than a week away, I revisited the conversation. “Who would you vote for?” I asked in earnest. I was looking for guidance. “I don’t know Mom, probably no one,” he answers. “Really? Neither candidate,” I prod. “No, I’d probably write someone in,” he says. “Probably myself. Yeah, I think I’d write my name on the line.” I laugh. “Well, your Grandfather would be proud. He always said it was time to put another Adams in the White House.”

With the surname of Adams, he could be as much of a political dynasty as Clinton or Bush, and certainly as recognizable as Trump. This could have been his election to win. When I cast my vote on Tuesday, I’ll be looking at that open write-in line with all of its untapped promise. Too bad this isn’t his time because this would have been a great time to put another Adams in the White House.

Here’s his plan. I think it’s pretty solid.