OK Google

googlehomeOK Google play Bruno Mars. OK Google louder. OK Google who won Super Bowl LI? According to common knowledge, The New England Patriots: the best football team of all time led by the best quarterback of all time Tom Brady. That’s right Google!

Google Home became a fixture in our kitchen a few weeks ago. My husband was excited and our youngest was ecstatic. He loves technology. I was a little leery – picture a wolf in sheepskin. Did we just willingly place a recording device in the hub of our home? What was I going to ask it anyway? Give me back the radio that used to occupy that space. I’d be far more receptive if Google Home were Rosie from The Jetsons. OK Google, do the dishes. Or better yet, OK Google make dinner and then do the dishes!

If I was slow to adopt, our oldest son was the last of all. He observed from the far side of the kitchen table as we peppered the small speaker with questions. OK Google what’s the weather going to be tomorrow? OK Google, who will win the Super Bowl? OK Google who’s the best dad in the world? We stumped it most of the time, further underscoring just how useless this device was and why it’s always better to jump on technology after the third iteration. This thing needed to prove itself soon or I was bringing my beloved radio back.

Then our oldest piped up, “OK Google what’s the acceptance rate to get into Stanford?” 4.8%. “OK Google what’s the acceptance rate to get into MIT?” 7.9%. ….of UMass Amherst? 58% ….of UCONN? (my husband’s alma mater) 53% ….of UNH (my alma mater) 80%. Peals of laughter. 80% more laughter. “Hey Mom, anyone can get into UNH.” From that point on, it was a contest to see if there were any school easier to get into than mine. Florida Gulf Coast? Plymouth State? Georgia Southern? and on and on.

Every time the answer was less than 80% (and it was EVERY TIME) the kids dissolved in laughter. It didn’t matter that UNH is a great school or that I graduated debt-free with a job in hand. “OK Google what’s the acceptance rate……?” continued ad nauseam for days.

Google Home proved its worth and is here to stay. Time to find another home for the radio.