The Rubik’s Cube Twist

RubikCubeThe Rubik’s cube has made a resurgence in our local elementary schools. The boys received a Rubik’s Cube a handful of years ago but it was shelved until recently. Within a few weeks we had five: two classics, one Dyan, one Moyu, and a mini relic from a birthday goodie bag.

It seems that almost everyone has a Rubik’s Cube but only a few can actually solve one. It used to be you were either a genius or you fooled around with it for a few minutes and stuck it in a drawer never to be played with again. Now, thanks to YouTube, there are videos that show the algorithms that unlock the mystery and make you a genius (along with everyone else) 

While almost every family has a Rubik’s Cube, I’ve never come across a girl who can solve one. Have you? Being a girl myself, I can speak first hand about my lack of interest in moving colored squares around a cube. My Rubik’s Cube promptly ended up in a drawer. My brother, on the other hand, is a genius.

For all the attention a girl can give to something, it’s the boys who solve it. Give me a Sudoku or jigsaw puzzle and I’ll sit and complete it. Give me a Rubik’s cube and I’ll hand it right back. No thank you. I won’t even spend the time to figure out one side. My mind just doesn’t twist in that direction.

What’s most interesting to me is which of our two sons stuck with it. Our oldest is a born engineer: methodical, logical, deliberate. Our younger son is less tenacious, always looking for what’s next. Naturally I expected our older son to solve it but it was our younger son who took it across the finish line.

The Rubik’s Cube is one of those classic toys with incredible staying power and as it weaves its way into each generation, you just never know who’ll be the one to solve it.