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Awkward Mashups

We had the pleasure of meeting up with friends from college on a recent trip to North Carolina. It had been nearly two years since we had last seen them and we were… Continue reading

Sunday Family Dinners

Are Sunday family dinners extinct? I don’t know anyone that has weekly after church rendezvous with their extended family and yet just a generation ago they were the norm. My Dad reminisces about family… Continue reading

The Wedding Registry

When my husband and I got married we registered for all kinds of things, many of which we couldn’t imagine using, like twelve cereal bowls. “When are we ever going to have twelve… Continue reading

My Better Self – Jeans and Friends

I just returned from a weekend getaway to visit two very dear friends. One lives in Charlotte and the other in Chapel Hill. It had been way too long since I had seen… Continue reading


We have a visitor for the next two weeks. Our friend down the street graciously agreed to pet sit our Beta fish named Alpha while we were on vacation and we happily agreed… Continue reading