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Mother’s Day in the Bag

I remember liking Mother’s Day once. When bits and pieces of love came home in stapled brown paper lunch bags; carefully constructed art projects forgotten about until Monday.



It all started with a broken finger. It was the first full week back to school for the kids and I decided to take our dog for a walk. I turned to close… Continue reading

Spare Time

I came across this cartoon by “For Better or for Worse” that summed up what transpires the first time all the kids leave the nest for school. For many stay-at-home moms we’ve been tethered for… Continue reading

Effective Parenting

My husband likes to call attention to his parenting. “Boys, time to pick up your things and go brush your teeth,” he’ll say to them and then turn to his audience – usually… Continue reading

Yeah, Whatever

I chaperoned my son’s fourth grade field trip last week and brought home a different kid – figuratively of course. That morning I remember a quiet, respectful, rule follower but that evening I had… Continue reading