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It’s an Olympic Year

It started four years ago, inspired by the 2012 London Olympics, and has become an annual tradition: the Joe’s Pond Olympics or affectionately the Jo-lympics. No need for passports or training, these games… Continue reading

An Individual on a Team

It’s baseball season again and the kids have traded their snow boots for cleats. They still play basketball in the driveway, but now I hear the smack of the ball against their gloves… Continue reading

Taking a Swing at It

Keep your eye on the ball, baseball season is in full swing. Are you catching what I’m throwing? Figured I’d step up to the plate and take a crack at the baseball idiom… Continue reading

Powerball: Are you a winner?

It’s been a frenzy of Powerball ticket purchases over the past week as the jackpot ballooned from $40 million to $500 million to $1.5B before last night’s drawing. Everyone’s been talking about it.… Continue reading

Rowing – A Precarious Balance

Our neighbor graciously offered me the use of her rowing scull. I had tried it a few years ago and was amazed at how challenging it was. Watching an experienced rower is a… Continue reading