Awkward Mashups

We had the pleasure of meeting up with friends from college on a recent trip to North Carolina. It had been nearly two years since we had last seen them and we were… Continue reading

Put Some Windex

Got an ailment, need to do a household repair? Put some Windex. My Dad and I have been prescribing this remedy since the day we saw the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding.… Continue reading

It’s an Olympic Year

It started four years ago, inspired by the 2012 London Olympics, and has become an annual tradition: the Joe’s Pond Olympics or affectionately the Jo-lympics. No need for passports or training, these games… Continue reading

Island Time South of the Arctic Circle

It’s a hot day on the pond, a rarity in this location just eleven degrees south of the arctic circle. The air is heavy and still and the momentum has slowed from New… Continue reading

An Individual on a Team

It’s baseball season again and the kids have traded their snow boots for cleats. They still play basketball in the driveway, but now I hear the smack of the ball against their gloves… Continue reading