Legos Everywhere

My kids love Legos. I remember the first kit my oldest son received. It came from Aunt Shirley and was a pirate ship. I wondered if our son was old enough to handle… Continue reading

A Whiff of Middle School Manhood

Yesterday was the 5th grade puberty talk at school. A permission slip had come home a few weeks earlier with a link to the video they would be watching. Naturally, I watched it wondering… Continue reading

My Father Daughter Dance

I left my family behind for a long weekend in Kansas to join my extended family. My cousin was getting married. I was honored and excited to be there to support her, but I was sad… Continue reading

Taking a Swing at It

Keep your eye on the ball, baseball season is in full swing. Are you catching what I’m throwing? Figured I’d step up to the plate and take a crack at the baseball idiom… Continue reading

Sunday Family Dinners

Are Sunday family dinners extinct? I don’t know anyone that has weekly after church rendezvous with their extended family and yet just a generation ago they were the norm. My Dad reminisces about family… Continue reading