Taking a Swing at It

Keep your eye on the ball, baseball season is in full swing. Are you catching what I’m throwing? Figured I’d step up to the plate and take a crack at the baseball idiom… Continue reading

Sunday Family Dinners

Are Sunday family dinners extinct? I don’t know anyone that has weekly after church rendezvous with their extended family and yet just a generation ago they were the norm. My Dad reminisces about family… Continue reading

A New Luxury

We hit a milestone this weekend. After eight years of bunking together, the boys got their own rooms. It was a little bittersweet for me. I loved having them share a room. For… Continue reading

Hurry Up and Wait

Hurry up and wait. How many times have I rushed to do something only to wait in boredom, incurring all that unnecessary stress when I should have slowed down.  My mind is constantly… Continue reading

What’s it worth to you?

We do a bit of wheeling and dealing in our house, which stands to reason since my husband is in sales. He has two mottos: 1. selling doesn’t start until after the first… Continue reading