Virginia Beach

Seven loads of laundry later, yes, we’re back from another fantastic camping trip at Virginia Beach.  We are new comers to this experience.  Friends of my parents have been bringing their families for… Continue reading

The New Math

“I’m five and a half‘,”  #1 announces to everyone he meets with the new found confidence that comes with this additional six months.  The statement hangs out there returned with an “Oh” or… Continue reading

Dress to impress?

I am familiar with how little girls like to dress up.  They are frequently spotted at the supermarket in their tutus and princess dresses.  Often times they want to show you their latest… Continue reading

Special Reading Time

Our boys share a room and it is great; one stop wake up call, laundry drop off, bedtime tuck in and now, “special reading time”.  We instituted this a couple of weeks ago… Continue reading

Look Mom, No Training Wheels

I honestly didn’t think that it would happen this summer.  I thought, well, maybe by the end of the summer or fall.  But that just goes to show you that kids work on… Continue reading