Out of the mouths of babes…. Here are a few classics from over the years. I’m sure there are a zillion more that have made us laugh or offered us wisdom you can only get from your children, but here are the ones that I’ve remembered to write down.

Nannie: “We’re going to celebrate Brent and Amanda’s birthdays tomorrow night.”          #2:  “Wait, are they twins?” (Aug-2016)

#2: “When you were younger, who was older, you or Uncle Brent? (July-2012?)

#1: “Do you know why I’m so unhappy? Because I’ve been waiting for so long for Obama to leave the presidency and now the best options are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I think I’m going to vote for Rubio.” (Nov-2015)

On the heels of a record breaking snowy winter:                                                                               Me: “It’s going to snow tomorrow.”                                                                                                       #1: “How many feet?”  (Feb-2015)

#2: “Mom, what to the constructions say?  You need to follow the constructions.” (Dec-2014)

“What are you going to be when you grow up?” I ask son #2……. “Myself,” he replies. (June-2013)

#2: “I couldn’t find it. It must be invisible.” (June-2011)

#2: “Mom, I like Toyota’s. It just makes sense because I like toys and I like Master Yoda.” (Feb-2011)

#1: “Mom, all the movies have happy endings, you don’t have to worry.” (Feb-2011)

#1: “Did you know that Santa is watching us right now?”                                                             #2: “Yeah, even Jesus is too. He is all around us.” (Feb-2011)

#1: “Eat your dinner.” “I don’t want to.” “Well at least eat your chicken.”  “I don’t like chicken.” “What!, What kid doesn’t like chicken nuggets?”  “I just can’t help it, that’s the way God made me.” (Jan-2011)

#2: “Mommy, Christmas is canceled.” (Dec-2010)  He says this in a dead pan voice in the back of the car. He’s trying out the line from the movie Rudolf to see how I would respond. I responded with the ever popular…”ohh?”

#1: “Turns out Mommy, you can still grow big even when you don’t eat your vegetables.” (Nov-2010)

#1: “Mom, I have more money than you do.”  “Ohh, why is that?”  “Because you spend yours and I don’t!” (Sept-2010)

#1: “What do you want for Christmas?”…..”Santa knows.” (Dec-2009)……We didn’t find out what he truly wanted until I was the story reader at the pre-school and noticed that he had drawn a green and white Hess race car for the bulletin board display. Hubby and I drove over 45 minutes away to find one at the lone Hess station left with inventory. Welcome to parenthood!

Oprah interviewed J.K. Rowling on New Year’s Eve. Oprah ran a clip of the author’s famous line delivered at the 2008 Harvard University commencement: “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”